As everyone's tastes are completely different, so are the Take Home Cooking Coach lessons. We will create personalised lesson plans to cater to our customers own tastes and dietary needs.

Firstly, go to our lesson‍‍‍ page and choose what type of lesson you would like.

Click on the contact button, and send a message with the lesson choice, and we will get back to you with a list of menu options.

How it Wo‍‍‍rks

Giving you and your family the essential lifelong kitchen skills‍‍‍


Phone or text  0487769880


Have  a Qualified Chef Coach you in All your Culinary needs from the Comfort of Your Own Home ‍‍‍

All Appointments can be made by phone, SMS, our Facebook page, or just click here‍‍‍.





We can cater your experience to the level of your own knowledge in the kitchen. If you are an absolute beginner,  or a connoisseur of fine food, we can help you gain the knowledge using all the tips,‍‍‍ tricks and tequniques gained from over 25 years in the Hospitality industry. ‍‍‍